Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rescued Feral Girl...

Another Feral Rescue -- we have worked and worked on this female kitten. However, I do not think she's ever really going to come around. She will let us handle her but only if she's in the bathroom we currently house her in. Otherwise, if she's free run of the house she runs away from all of us. I am going to get her spayed and put her outside. That way, she's got a decent life, and no worries about repeats with her.


Blogger farmgirl said...

You are such a true & caring cat lover. : )

Sat Nov 05, 03:00:00 PM  
Blogger b'gina said...

I've got three feral cats I feed (and a couple possums, a raccoon and, occasionally, a family of foxes), that I wish I could catch. Our local pet shelter, Pets Lifeline, will lend those humane traps, neuter them for you and give them their shots for free, as long as you agree to take them back and keep feeding them. However, the place where they eat is a shelf on my potting cupboard, so I can't put the trap there, and they ignore it anywhere else, even when their food is in it. Very frustrating, especially since the newest one is a little girl and will, no doubt, be reproducing soon. I wish I could catch her before then.

Sun Nov 06, 01:36:00 AM  

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