Monday, October 31, 2005

Morning already?

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"We dun wanna get up."

I have not slept a wink hardly at all last night. I am not really even tired. About the time I fell asleep the Munchmouse woke up and wanted his middle of the night slurp. Yep, at 18 months and counting he's still not sleeping through the night.

My husband -- the perpetual cuddle bug also snuggled up to me and he's a practical toaster oven -- so with Munchmouse getting his slurp, and husband cuddling I was sweltering!

I have already visited one of my favorite Farm Blog this morning too. And to my delight an early morning post greeted me!

Now, then I am off and moving -- working on that early morning boogie with coaching from FLYLady to get more of my house done and more of the projects I want to start. I have been craving to craft and think I may have finally hit upon something I can do and enjoy. More to come soon as I post about the new ideas that come to mind and appear to life.

Many blessings to your day! @>-*--


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