Monday, April 21, 2008

Longest weekend on memory....

I am going to start with this -- I have gained about 3 pounds from all the food I consumed starting on Thursday last week until today! I have eaten enough goodies and junk and bbq and goodness knows what else! Needless to say -- I have not been very hungry since returning home. And I really need to start exercising too.

This is an exceptionally long post.. and has some sadness in it. If you choose not to read it that's okay.

Anyway to start off our week last Monday we learned my husband's mother was only given a week to live. Her anniversary and birthday were both coming up this same week. On Thursday night we went to her home and celebrated both the anniversary and birthday, and got to tell her we loved her and would miss her. She was asked by a few to say hello to a few that have already gone to be with the Lord. We didnt get home until about 10pm. And we were exhausted!

Friday --- we had been planning the trip that I have already posted pictures of for about 6 weeks. And my step daughter was supposed to visit. She'd been having car trouble since getting into Oklahoma -- and it didnt stop giving her trouble even after she arrived in San Antonio. She was going to stay with us, but learned that they had nice guest quarters on base where her husband is currently in school. So she's opted to stay there. My husband had to go rescue her north of San Antonio and got her running just long enough to make it to base. My husband returned home to learn that one uncle would be making it into town later in the evening. Calvin, TJ and I packed and headed out for our planned Dallas trip at 5pm. We arrived in Dallas area and hotel at midnight. We crashed out about 1am -- but I understand many of the other students didnt get to sleep til 3am. 8am came bright and early for them. I woke up on my own at around 630am -- and started getting ready for the day. We left the hotel at 930am for Sandy Lake park. ( -- if you want to check it out.)

Saturday -- We got up early, bathed and readied for the day. We went down for brekkie at 830am in the hotel's breakfast room.

9am was a turning point for my day. My husband called me and let me know his mom had passed peacefully with her husband, brother, sisters, and grandma at her side. I told my older son, but not the younger one at that time. I know my boys well enough to be able to determine reactions to this kind of news. (And I was right on the money - more later.)

At 930am we loaded up into our two vans and headed out for Sandy Lake Park. Upon arrival we were given our tickets for lunch and rides, and asked to be back to the vans at 2pm. Mine and another group teamed up and we headed for the rides. I am not up to getting a beating on the rides that they have at the carnival settings! So, I didn't get on the Spider or Tilt-A-Whirl or any of those other rides that leave you gasping for breath and bruised from head to toe. I did however, brave paddle boats and enjoyed the fun. After the paddle boats we went to the arcade and the kids played several games a piece. I often see the fun toys they have and wonder what it would be like done up in papermache and on display over having yet another stuffy! So, no new stuffed toys for me (yet). My younger boy had a knack for the JackPot on one arcade game and was able to hit it twice consecutively! What a lucky dog! He got himself a cute lil tiger stuffy, and a few other lil trinkets. While at the arcade me and the other "group leader"(another mom) decided to turn the teenagers loose. Why in heaven's name should we make them tag along with us?! They are teens and most of them are good kids, and this group has been turned loose at Fiesta Texas from what I understand. After the arcade I opted to eat lunch. I had asked for the bbq plate - and it was awesome. I was totally stuffed. I was also grateful I had opted for it -- as the only "pizza" they had was pepperoni, and am allergic to pepperoni. And eating a hotdog? No thanks! After wandering solo for a while -- and finding some shade to enjoy I just sat and relaxed for a while without any teens. They enjoyed being let loose though too. At 2pm we met up at the vans and gathered instruments and made the way to a practice tent. At 230 they called the band up for their performance. At 330 the awards ceremony took place. We left for a place called the "Main Event" after the awards were done. I was already exhausted! I enjoyed some fried pickles, and wandered around. The kids had a wonderful time! We left at 7pm or so. On our ride home I finally told my younger son about his grandmother passing that morning. He cried and clung to me for a while and we talked about how she's with angels now and gets to do all the things she's dreamed of doing for the last few months since she's been ill. (my husband later informed me she's likely with her dad and pulling pranks on the living! and yes, that's the truth! LOL) We arrived back in our little home town at 1am in the morning. So, counting from start to finish we were on the road and crammed a ton of activities into 32 hours of what has had to be the longest weekend on my memory in a while! (5pm Friday to 1am Sunday)

I didn't wake up until 1130am on Sunday -- and we went back to my mother-in-laws house to meet up with family for the last time for the weekend. We arrived back home tired and grumpy. The kids were sent to bed at normal time -- 9pm and me and hubby crashed out too.


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