Friday, September 26, 2008

Work mode and circles....

It's been a cheery day here.

I was having fun in a chat room talking to some flybaby friends. We got onto a discussion about how men go into work mode. Which in reality, is not a bad thing -- unless of course you need to get their attention. But often you get this response -
"I am busy. Please leave a message at the grunt." Nuff said.

My 4 yo is delighted that daddy came home for lunch. Except he managed to get his rip cord pulled. He's currently running. From the front door, thru the kitchen, out the back door, along the side yard, thru the front yard, up the porch.. and it starts all over again. I guess I should be grateful. He's burning off energy. Yay. Just don't make facial contact with anything okay?! I will probably have to watch from the couch.


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